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I was trying to cosplay Britta, but I think I Britta’d it.


Project K Video

I know I said I was going to do this awhile back, but due to some editing issues it took a bit longer than at first anticipated whoo! However it’s finally done and it basically captures every moment of Project K minus the beautiful rose petal move unfragmentdecoy performed when I was not available to film!

I would like to thank everyone who helped bring this project to life <3 I love you guys more than I can spare words for, except I’m sparing them right now…whoops contradictory!

For the rest of you please watch, subscribe, reblog, like and enjoy! Every little bit helps us feel like we’ve accomplished something- but remember, the way to go is to have fun, and as you can see, WE DID. <3

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Photography and edits for “One More Time” - Jrzil4shizzle

Photography 2: Eric Anderson


Tales of Xillia Beach Photoshoot

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